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Chris J. Davis 5 years ago
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So, what in the world is this thing? In a nutshell, I (@chrisjdavis) have been doing this dumb thing on twitter for years, where I award DND style points to people who have said or shared something I think is great.

Being a nerd, and needing a programming task that was light and goofy, I decided to make a little game out of it, with a bot that runs on twitter, so anyone can play. I've stolen a few hours here and there to put it together, mostly when I can't sleep at night, so it's going to be very rough around the edges.

So about that Cryptocurrency...

As you may have noticed, Metamask has been integrated into Social Dungeon, and with it, you can exchange your GP for ELCT, an ERC-20 based token. There are a lot of strong feelings about cryptocurrencies and blockchain, but for a game, I think it makes a lot of sense to have a currency that can live outside the game.

You don't need to amass ELCT to play the game, but when I eventually introduce item and weapon crypto-collectibles (based on the ERC-721 standard), you will need ELCT to buy or sell your items, and it's free to convert your GP to ELCT, so you know, why not?

But to reiterate, you don't need any of the crypto stuff to play the game, I just think it makes things more interesting.