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Chris J. Davis 5 years ago
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To award points to a twitter account is easy. Mention the Social Dungeon Master account and tell him what Attribute you want to add or remove points from, followed by the twitter handle of the user in question. Here's an example:

@socialdungeon +5 wisdom to @chrisjdavis

If you want to reward someone in a reply to their tweet, you don't have to mention them again, you can simply @reply to their tweet like so:

@socialdungeon +5 wisdom

And the Dungeon Master will know that you want to award the points to the person you are replying to. Easy.

This command will award 5 points to my account, for having the wisdom to make this rad game. However, if you want to say, remove 100 points from Jack Dorsey's intelligence attribute, because nazis, that would look something like this:

@socialdungeon -100 intelligence to @jack

Whenever you reward or penalize an account The Social DM will respond with a tweet to let you know that the process is complete, including a mention for the account being rewarded or penalized, so you know, be prepared (disabled for now, since it might be too chatty).

jack has been awarded -100 intelligence points by @chrisjdavis

The functions of the bot are still being built out, but for now here is a list of the commands it knows, as well as the attributes you can award or penalize. Have fun with your new-found power!

Bot Commands

  • @socialdungeon help!
  • @socialdungeon mystats

Attributes available

  • strength
  • constitution
  • defense
  • dexterity
  • intelligence
  • charisma
  • wisdom
  • willpower
  • perception
  • luck